Saturday, January 17, 2009

Character Maker Resources - Oriental Outfits

Here are outfits only to make your own character with. Skins will be provided for these as well if needed.

Imaya/Asami style outfits


Outfits with no leg warmers/sandals (26)

Outfits with leg warmers and sandals

Outfits with sandals and no leg warmers (3)

Outfits with leg warmers and no sandals (3)

Leg Warmers (6)

Asami/Imaya Style Sandals (4)

Akana Kimono Style Outfits

With Boots (12)

Without boots (12)

Chiyoko Wakadaichi Style Outfits (fits default skin)

Chiyoko's Outfit without sandals (4)

Chiyoko's Outfit with sandals (4)

Chiyoko 1 Style Outfit (12)

Chiyoko Style Shirt (11)

Chiyoko Style Pants (12)

Chiyoko Style Vest (12)

Chiyoko Style Sandals (9)


  1. these are really cool. I'll have to learn how to work with these sometime in the future, nice job

  2. Yeah I use to made my avatar in ragnarok online using some of this it's pretty easy if you know how to use photoshop.

  3. Would you make some male ones? The ones you already did are pure awesomeness :D. I'm trying to create a 2d mmo and I need some male sprites (skins, vests, armour, hair...) if you need more info, my rpg is based on the gensou suikoden series of videogames, thanks in advance :)

  4. Well, Valatimir (mohammad1997) I do custom stuff for people for hire, if you would email your information to me for whatever you would like, I would be happy to work something out with you. My email is Same goes for you Petri, whoever you are, if you ever visit this place again and read the comments.


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