Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oriental Character Sets - Female

Originals (21)

Be sure to credit if used, both the owner and myself, originals are to be used as cameo's only as they generally belong to someone else unless specified.

Asami (3) owner: ....

Imaya Bakarin (2) owner: Akana Yukinai (myself)

Chiyoko Wakadaichi (12) owner: Dream Project

Mermaid (4) owner: Dream Project (can be used for NPCs)

Edits (6)

Edits can be used as npcs or hero characters. Be sure to credit if used.


  1. jajajaja this remind me a little one of my favorite SNES video games, Seikken Densetsu 2, in fact one of the characters in here looks like Lise, the amazon army princess.


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