Sunday, October 11, 2009

Female Battlers

Here I will place all the battlers that go with the character sets I've made and/or edited. Remember to credit these to me if used, as I drew each one of the following pictures specifically for use with the RMXP battler system. For those that are original characters and have names, it means they belong to someone else and therefore they must be used as cameos only unless specified otherwise. In the event that you do use them, please be sure to credit the owner (as well as me for the art design), as they will be listed, if known, with each picture if they do not belong to me. If you have any other questions concerning the characters that have names please email me at

Regular Battlers

Original Characters

Akana Yukinai
owner: myself (Akana Yukinai)

Asami (coming soon)
owner: ......

Chiyoko Wakadaichi (10)
owner: Dream Project

Imaya Bakarin(coming soon)

Mermaids (8)
owner: Dream Project
These can be used as npcs

Ninja Girl 3 (4)
owner: Dream Project
May be used as a npc

Ninja Girl 2 (4)

Tied Battlers


Imaya Bakarin
owner: myself (Akana Yukinai)



  1. Thanks you for creathing this Awesome battlers,
    please keep up the good work :D
    I'll be looking here in the future, to see the work you did :D

  2. I like this because it's very like the japanese stuff, strong fighters and sexy too, thanks for share.


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