Friday, October 30, 2009

IMPORTANT!!! Please Read

I had said that this was going to be my new home and that my old website would be taken down. Well, turns out that I actually decided to resurrect the old site and it is officially now tied in to this blog. The site is more for the art side while this blog will consist primarily of RMXP Resources. You may also view resources on the site, but you will have to come here if you wish to download them. Just remember, always be sure to credit me and any respective parties when using the resources from here.

Also, I know that you know I do commission work, but I also do sell predrawn fanart and other random stuff so check out the site to see what I have available. Currently it consists of Inuyasha fanart, but it will not be limited to that. So with that being said, enjoy the change and hope to see some business come in soon.

Thanks for the support!!

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