Saturday, January 17, 2009

RMXP Character Commissions (currently closed)

Due to stress reasons and to keep from getting overworked, I have set the limit to 5. I frequently make new characters and do sprite edits. The limit for any commissioner at one time is 5. However should one only make 1 or 2 commissions another person may make up the remaining number of the commissions that I will do at one time. At the time I am closed to commissions the comments will be disabled. Thank you for your support and patience, it is greatly appreciated.If you have any further questions, email me at

Prices will vary based on type of commission, whether it is commission for creation of or just simple edits/stripping of resources and amount of items you want included in the package.

When submitting a request, the following is a must for all types of commissions:

Character Background - a bio of what I'm drawing is a must have, knowing the name of the characters and more about them helps me to draw them with the right mind set, making things more accurate. Please state whether they are an original character (OC) or from a known anime, and tell me what anime they are from. That makes it easier to find reference pictures if I know what anime/manga they are from along with their full names.

Character traits (for OC's and clothing changes for known characters)- age group, hair style/color, eye style/color, gender, clothing style/colors, weapon of choice (if they have one)

Also state whether or not you want a background, I can do some minor stuff, but complex ones are out for the time being. (not applicable for sprites)

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